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The Maine Green Independent Party is the only political party in Maine that refuses to accept corporate contributions. Before making a donation, make sure that you are donating from a personal account, not a business account.
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Mark Diehl


If a foreign power were to conquer our government and use it to oppress Americans, would you join me in opposition?

The truth is that the United States has fallen to a foreign power, but we don’t see it because it wasn’t a military operation. Instead, we have been infiltrated and overthrown by an army of multinational corporations (MNCs), who are themselves controlled solely by international financial markets. There is no such thing as an American MNC; they exist for no purpose other than to produce short-term profits for their shareholders all over the world.

 I spent a few years in Asia, where MNCs have been raiding for decades. The environment and every last person had either been absorbed by the hierarchy or crushed by it. I remember black snow that fell in summer, different nauseating fumes that drifted in every time the wind changed, and tap water so toxic I couldn’t put my face under the shower. I once passed a throng of dead-eyed workers shuffling out of the place where they spent eighty-hour weeks just to survive, and I realized that these were the lucky ones because they went home to sleep. Everything was dead and gray and miserable, but it hadn’t always been that way.


I returned home and attended law school, and ended up practicing law with a big multinational firm in Chicago, representing MNCs as they pursued their interests in American courts. I noticed how every decision they made was based exclusively on short-term profit projections. MNCs do not breathe or drink, so they do not value clean air or water, except as commodities to sell. No place is home to MNCs, moving from country to country for more favorable labor rates or looser pollution controls as they do, so they destroy whatever they touch. They have no souls, so they do not respect life. I found myself working to please them in much the same way the Asian workers I’d seen had, often around the clock for days on end, without going home to sleep.

I saw the power the multinationals had over the little guys. The resources at my disposal could make short work of any small firm, and the merits of the case could be damned. Slowly it dawned on me that courtrooms weren’t the only government entities where MNCs flexed their muscles. Through huge contributions to both major political parties, they influenced every new law pertaining to their industries and every executive enforcing it, as well as the judges those executives appointed to the bench. This was why small business was being regulated out of existence: MNCs demanded this so that they would be the only entities left, in market after market.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. A corporation has no conscience, which makes it difficult to work for one and preserve your own. I hated my despicable employer and its horrible clients, and most of all I hated myself for being on their side. I realized my salary wasn’t so much an indication of my value as it was a measure of what I was willing to do for money.

bald mountain

 When we moved to Maine, I thought I was free of it all. So what if the rest of the world had been plundered, deforested and enslaved? I was here in paradise, writing books that would hopefully awaken people to what was going on out there. The air was clean, the water was drinkable, and small businesses bloomed everywhere I looked. I became co-founder of a Maine nonprofit connecting local businesses with job seekers and local charities called Think LOCAL! Community Networking, and our numbers quickly swelled to over a thousand. Maine was a place where it was still possible to earn a living and have a life, though often just barely in the case of far too many people here. Some began to insist that what the state needed was more influence from MNCs.

I saw also that Mainers don’t often trust people “from away.” Given what I’ve experienced in places that have been conquered by multinationals, I respect that level of caution. However, I’ve also seen how deceptive MNCs are, putting neighbors at each other’s throats as they recruit unwitting servants with false promises and scare tactics. My heart sank when the “Open for Business” signs went up at the state border, because I had seen what it was like to live in places that had been opened that way, their governments sacrificing small dreams and independent livelihoods to the false foreign gods who financed their politicians’ rise to power.

When South Portland became a battleground as people tried to stop toxic, abrasive, disaster-laden tar sands from entering Maine, I wrote online and blogged about the issue, trying to help people understand what was really going on. I knew the corporations were going to attack the proposed ordinance with imagined scary things they claimed would happen if it were passed – an intimidation technique we learned in law school called the “Parade of Horribles.” As a former soldier of the relentless MNC army, I know their tactics, and I have seen them used to intimidate the public in just this way, countless times.

Now my books have gotten me a certain amount of name recognition, and the Maine Green Independent Party has asked me to run for Senate in District 29. I almost turned them down, letting the “real” Mainers deal with their issues, but I realize now that I have to run. I live here, too, after all, and I have intimate knowledge of how evil the invaders can be. People who have lived in paradise their whole lives haven’t seen what I’ve seen in my journeys through the dark side, and they don’t know how skilled their enemies are with lies and manipulation and outright control of government. Maine is still beautiful and amazing because MNCs hadn’t  taken a serious interest in the state before now. Asia once looked like Maine.

Through massive contributions to both major political parties over decades, MNCs have secured their hold on America’s, and Maine’s, political machinery, and this is why things keep getting worse for non-corporate people no matter who is in office. Only the Green Independent Party makes its candidates pledge to refuse all corporate and PAC contributions, as I have done. Please support me in the fight to keep Maine the way it is, for the old-guard Mainers and us new arrivals, too.

Help recruit, train, and support Green Party candidates like Mark!

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