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The Maine Green Independent Party and it's affiliated chapters maintain their independence from Wall Street by refusing to accept corporate contributions. Before making a donation, make sure that you are donating from a personal account, not a business account.
GOAL: $5,000.00

Thomas MacMillan for Mayor of Portland


While Portland has received accolades from national media sources, most Portland residents are struggling; more than 50% of children in Portland Public Schools lack food security, rents are skyrocketing faster than nearly any city in the nation and new luxury developments are bringing about the destruction of the working class character of the city.

All of this has happened under the careful watch of the current mayor and council. Nothing will change unless we stand up and say: the Portland that we hold dear is worth fighting for! That is exactly what Tom plans to bring to this election and the position of mayor if elected on November 3. Tom plans to give voice to Portland's movement for livable wages, controlled development and the survival of Portland as a working class city.

  • In 2011, Tom co-authored an ordinance submitted by Councilor David Marshall which put the City of Portland on the record as opposing corporate personhood, including Citizens United, and in support of publicly financed elections.
  • In 2013, Tom co-authored and led the campaign for local marijuana legalization to free our police from punishing non-violent adults and allow them to focus on more serious issues.
  • In 2013-2014, Tom was a founding board member of the Friends of Congress Square Park, a citizen group and later non-profit which, in June 2014, passed a citywide ordinance requiring that citizens have the final say on the sale of public parks because power must remain in the hands of the average person, not the lobbyists, lawyers and big business owners currently controlling the city.
  • This year, Tom worked as chair of Portlanders for a Living Wage, which is a coalition that collected thousands of signatures for a $15 per hour living wage. An April 2015 poll showed wide support for the issue, with 55% of likely voters in favor. This November, Portland voters will be able to end poverty wages forever in our city.
  • Tom has been chair of the Portland Green Independent Committee for three years and looks forward to bringing the perspective of someone completely independent of the interests and lobbying of corporations to City Hall.