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The Maine Green Independent Party is the only political party in Maine that refuses to accept corporate contributions. Before making a donation, make sure that you are donating from a personal account, not a business account.
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$500.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00

Lauren Besanko


Lauren Besanko, lifelong Mainer, is a 2012 graduate from the University of Southern Maine, where she got a degree in both psychology and criminology. Both while in school, and for over a year after graduation, she worked as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. In early 2014, she resigned due to a substantial pay cut caused by anti-worker legislation, which led her to dedicate the year to becoming more involved in activism and the arts.

She is, however, not new to activism.  She was at Zucotti Park at the beginning of Occupy Wall Street, she has volunteered with Equality Maine during both Maine marriage equality campaigns, and during this past spring worked with the Protect Portland Parks campaigns in order to pass an ordinance that would strengthen public park protections against privatization.

As a Green Party state representative, she will push for progressive tax reform, raising the minimum wage to $15 and hour, and getting money out of politics.

To help her qualify for Maine's Clean Elections funding, she needs to raise $500 in seed money in amounts of $100 or less from US Citizens-- not PACs, nor Businesses, nor Corporations.  


Donations to Lauren's Campaign are now closed, but you can now donate below to the Maine Green Party's Candidate Support Fund to help us with recruiting, training, and supporting more great Green Party candidates like Lauren!

You can either donate below, or go to the Candidate Recruitment and Support Fund page.


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