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The Maine Green Independent Party does not accept corporate donations. Make sure that your donation comes from personal funds, not from any business account.
$220.00 raised
GOAL: $3,000.00

Green 2016


We are proud to announce our goal of raising $2,000 a month in sustaining donations so that we can pay a living wage to a field organizer-- to do voter registration drives, candidate recruitment, and a larger door-to-door sustainer drive, so that we can double the number of candidates on the Maine Green Independent Party slate in two years, be able to once again maintain an office, and perhaps even pay the salary of an executive director (the phone calls, letters, and emails don't answer themselves!) 

To get this initiative off the ground, we first need to raise funds to pay workers.  We need that first $2,000 in 2015 to get the ball rolling.  And we want to raise it $1 at a time.

All of this starts with just $1.

Can you give $1 a day?  
Sign up to give $28 a month.
Can you give $1 a week?  
Sign up to give $5 a month.
Can you give $1 a month?
(You know what to do.)

Or perhaps can you give $1 right now to help us raise $2,000 to fund an initial sustainer drive?  

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