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Fred Horch for State Senate 24 - Brunswick


My name is Fred Horch. If you live in Brunswick, Harpswell, Freeport, Pownal or North Yarmouth, you'll see my name on your ballot as "Horch, K. Frederick."

I’m running to be your next State Senator because we need change. Poverty, pollution and partisan plutocracy are denying opportunities to too many people in our great state.

Every Mainer deserves the opportunity to enjoy life, whether that means earning a decent living, owning a family business, getting quality health care, participating in government, or just breathing clean air.

Democrats and Republicans are spending more time attacking each other with rhetoric than attacking our problems with effective policy. I’m running as a Green Independent to give you a more meaningful choice when you vote, talk with you more honestly about issues that get ignored, and to propose better solutions than you’ll hear from the gridlocked major parties.

I ask for your support to bring a new perspective, new conversation, and new policies to the floor of the Maine Senate.

Please vote. Election day is Tuesday, November 4. Or, you can vote now by absentee ballot.

Help recruit, train, and support great Green Party candidates like Fred!