It's good to give...

The Maine Green Independent Party does not accept money from corporations or their PACS. Unlike other parties the MGIP relies solely on individual support as its foundation.

Your gift goes to build and strengthen an alternative to the current two party system. When you contribute you are helping to elect public officials who will place equitable taxes, living-wage jobs, quality, affordable health care, and a sustainable way of life at the top of their agenda.

Don't like PayPal?  You can now also donate online directly using Democracy Engine.

Not comfortable donating online?  You can also donate via check.  Make checks payable to Maine Green Independent Party and send them to:

Maine Green Independent Party
PO Box 10345
Portland, ME
NOTE: If you are either currently Unemployed or Retired, please state as such for your employer information.  If this is the case, for Employer Address put "none."
Who's donating: from Georgetown, ME donated. Thank you!
$7,058.30 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00

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