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Becky Wartell for School Board


Becky Wartell (will appear as Rebecca on the Ballot in November) grew up in Portland Maine, attending the Portland Public Schools along Stevens Ave. from 2nd grade through graduation in 2005.

She has a B.A. in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic.

Becky spent the last few years living in New York City as an organizer and activist, and while there spent some time working as a middle school art teacher. She is passionate about making as much positive change in the world as is humanly possible and feels that getting involved in local politics, in an ethical way, is one piece of doing that.

Becky would like to bring to Portland's curriculum an emphasis on Critical, Creative, and Civic Thinking. She values expeditionary learning, and cares about healthy food in our schools, nutrition education, and hands on learning about food systems.

Becky is also devoted to ensuring that education is accessible to all students regardless of their style of learning, ability, or language proficiency and making sure that parents are supported in ways that help them assist their children in their education.

In addition to the ideas that she is enthusiastic about working on, she wants to bring a new approach to public service, where public servants actually listen to the public that elects them, and brings those concerns to the body of government to try to address the public's concerns.

Becky is a community organizer with experience building connections between different groups, she wants to use this skill to help bridge communication gaps between teachers, the school board, and administration. She also wants to build stronger connections between the schools and their communities and increase community involvement in the school system.

Please help Becky reach her fundraising goal of $3,000 by the end of September by giving below:

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