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Asher Platts For State Senate 27 - Portland


Asher has worked in many low-wage jobs, under abusive management, and knows what it is to be working and poor.  His experience in the workforce, coupled with his intolerance for the injustices of capitalism, is a strong motivator in all things he does, and openly identifies as being a democratic-socialist.  he also supports a $15 minimum wage.

Asher has collaborated with other activists such as Dennis Trainor Jr (Acronym TV), comedian Lee Camp (Moment of ClarityLEECAMP.net), Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers (PopularResistance.orgGreen Shadow Cabinet), Leah Bolger (Veterans For Peace), Will Hopkins (NH Peace Action), and 2012 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, on many attempts to spark people's imagination against Wall Street criminals.  

In 2011, Asher worked for Dennis Trainor Jr as a cameraman and assistant producer on the documentary film, "American Autumn: An Occudoc."  In his time working on that film, Asher spent several months occupying in both Washington, DC, and in Zuccotti Park in New York City.

He has remained politically active since then, becoming chair of the Maine Green Independent Party, working with organizers on the streets of Portland to fight back against the corporate takeover of public space in Congress Square Park, and worked to help organize artists with Protecting Portland's Creative Community to fight back against the privatization of public space in Portland.  Asher was also active in the campaign to legalize marijuana in Portland, and remains actively involved in the effort to legalize marijuana statewide.

Asher currently running for State Senate in Portland, and if elected will seek to create and invest in sustainable transit like railbike highways, and decent busing systems.

He will also move to legalize marijuana, but in a way that gives deference to small farmers, rather than large out-of-state corporations.

Since it has better health outcomes, and costs less, Asher supports the creation of a canada-style Single-payer healthcare system. 

Recently being a student himself, he understands the incredible burden of searching for work while under the burden of student debt.  Asher will work to forgive student debt and make in-state tuition free for UMaine system students. 

And lastly, to create meaningful long-term reform, we need to move Maine away from a debt-based economy by creating a state bank.

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