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Alice Knapp For Senate 23 - Richmond

Alice_Knapp.jpg1.   Who I Am

Passionate about justice, I came to Maine to attend law school in 1985, fell in love with the beauty and spirit of the place, bought a house in Richmond in 1989, and decided to sink roots for the first time in my life having moved ten times in my childhood.  Drawn to politics and public service, I served 7 years on the Richmond Planning Board, followed by 6 years on the Board of Selectmen and a term on the Sagadahoc Budget Advisory Committee.  Past volunteer Board work has included Consumers for Affordable Healthcare and the Richmond Area Health Center Community Advisory Board, and I am a founding and current Board member of Maine AllCare.  I spent the first half of my legal career as a State insurance regulator and in 1999 was appointed the first Director of the legislatively created Consumer Healthcare Division within the Bureau of Insurance.   After leaving state government and a short stint practicing health law for a large law firm in Bangor, I bought and renovated the old Richmond Hotel, which had been on the 1997 list of Maine’s most endangered historic properties and now houses the solo law practice I founded in 2002.

2.  Why I Am Running

I was asked to run by the Maine Green Independent Party and was excited by the prospect of running neighboring campaigns with Brunswick resident, altogether fine fellow and Green Independent Senate District __ candidate Fred Horch.  A passionate advocate of single payer healthcare, my candidacy affords me the opportunity to talk about that and the other issues I care deeply about, including environmental protection, the need to focus economic development policy on small business and sustainability, and the importance of providing all Maine people with access to quality, affordable higher, technical, and continuing education.  

3.  Why Green?

Maine is full of wonderful and extraordinary people and there are many fine people enrolled and active with both major parties.  The parties, however, are primarily focused on winning and maintaining power and spend far too much time vilifying each other rather than acknowledging the legitimacy of each other’s points of view and working together for the common good.  By achieving official party status, the Green Independent Party has bucked the obstructionist efforts of the major parties and offers Maine people another choice and a different voice centered on core human values including social and economic justice, community-based economics, personal responsibility, ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, future focus, sustainability, nonviolence and respect for diversity.

4.  What I Bring to the Table

While my opponents in the Senate District 23 race are both fine women, I bring far more experience in state and local government as both an elected official and as a public servant.  I have served in policy-making positions, have successfully advocated for and drafted laws that benefit all Maine people, and I have run a small business for more than a decade.  I have spent four decades learning and thinking critically about politics and society and connecting with Maine people from all walks of life and political perspectives.  Serving in the legislature as a Green Independent I would be free to praise and agree with sound Republican ideas as well as sound Democratic ideas, and I would be equally free to challenge those parties’ policies and proposals.  In short, I’d be free to call a spade a spade and would not be beholden to the special interests that form each major parties’ base.  I am committed to speaking truth to power and to the people I aspire to serving, and I would never spin my constituents with fear-mongering and the self-serving half-truths and simplifications that too often dominate American politics.  I firmly believe that politicians and policymakers are not smarter than everyone else, and good policy can only be achieved when it is informed by the voices and experience of the people who will be affected by that policy.

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